Meet The Developers – Cloud Services Release Management


So we finished another successful Meet The Developers event!

This time the focus was on Cloud Services Release Management.
We had more than 30 enterprise customers collaborating and sharing information.
In the first session, I presented a CMBU introduction followed up with a CMP roadmap.

But the main session on Cloud Services Release Manager (my name for project Houdini) was a blast.
Steve Morris from the solutions engineering team gave an overview and an impressive demo on the product and answer lots of questions that were raised up by the customers.

We had lots of great discussions with customers, one of the most interesting things we found out is that most customers develop their cloud services directly on the production environment!!

I think that after this workshop all f them understood the importance of having dev, test and prod environment and a set of processes and tools to manage the development cycle.

Here are some pictures I captured from the event:

Thank you, Steve, Tom, and Darren for helping me put this together!

See you all in the next session…